Company Country Scope Main Products
Cesare Bonetti S.p.A ITALY Valves and Level Gauges Under Trademarks BONETTI, BONT, CMI and WVE Piston Valves, Globe and Bellow Seal Valves, Ball Valves, HP Globe, Gate and Check Valves, Level Gauges, CMI Gate and Check Valves, Boiler Blow Down Valves, Nuclear valve
Armstrong International S.A.  USA, BELGIUM Steam, Condensate, Air, Liquid Equipments Steam Traps, Pressure Reducing Valves, Condensate Pumps, Separators, Steam Trap Monitoring Systems, Air Vents, Liquid Drainers, Humidifiers, Manifolds
Belgicast International S.L.  SPAIN Valves Butterfly & Check Valves