Customized Products Remarks
Ball valves equipped with extension shafts Different lengths of extension shafts for operation of underground ball valves
Actuated ball valves For easy operation and remote control, gear box, pneumatic or electric actuator installation on ball valves
Soft seals for globe, bellows globe and check valves R-PTFE or NBR seals for better sealing for fluids at max.200
Manual flow control valves Regulating disc in globe and bellows globe valves and special piston and lantern bush design in piston valves
On-off or proportional control valves Pneumatic or electric actuator installation on globe valves for flow control
Fire hydrants with alternative outlet couplings Different norms of outlet couplings and connection types
Special magnetic level gauges Different connection types and sizes, split body for long lengths, heating jackets

Valftek® is at your disposal for customized products, out of standard production, described above .